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Charles Darwin - The Australian Connection

Teacher Guide

Charles Darwin's work has transformed the way we view our world and how we study it. This website is an opportunity to discover more about Darwin's life and evolution.

Charles Darwin - The Australian Connection website introduces students to key learning themes about how science works, data collection, evidence, theories and explanations, ideas and evidence in science, evolution and natural selection. There is also behind-the scenes information about designing an exhibition.

Below is a list of the interactive modules found on this site and how to use them:

Interactive Module Year Level Curriculum areas Activity Summary
Darwin's Journey
5 — 12 History, Geography, Science & Technology
  • Discover where HMS Beagle went and what Charles Darwin discovered at each location.
  • Investigate how his discoveries changed Australia and the world.
Robert FitzRoy, the Beagle and the Weather
7 — 10 History, Geography, Science & Technology
  • Investigate and test your knowledge of reading weather maps.
  • Captain Robert FitzRoy used a barometer to predict the weather whilst on the HMS Beagle voyage. Learn how to read a barometer and test your knowledge.
  • See what technologies are used today in modern weather forecasting.
Can Captain FitzRoy use his clocks to avoid the rocks and save the Beagle?
7 — 10 History, Geography, Science & Technology
  • Discover how longitude is determined.
  • Test your knowledge of longitude to keep the Beagle safe.
  • See what technologies are used today in modern maritime navigation.
Create an Evolution Timeline
5 — 8 History, Geography, Science, Biology
  • Use the world's geological timeline and some helpful hints to organise 12 different life forms from over 570 million years into the correct evolutionary order.
  • Did Harriet the Tortoise know Charles Darwin? Follow up the activity with the downloadable inquiry unit to decide if the Australia Zoo's famous Harriet the Galapagos Tortoise was actually collected by Charles Darwin
    Download resource (.pdf, 513KB)
How Charles Darwin solved the mystery of coral reefs
7 — 10 History, Geography, Science
  • Discover how Darwin worked through different stages of deduction to solve the mystery of the formation of coral reefs.
  • See how Darwin's theories apply to Australia's coral reefs today.